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Off the coast of Playa Blancas is the Underwater Sculpture Museum, called Museo Atlántico, which is only accessible to divers by boat. The museum is now known not only for its sculptures, but also for its diverse underwater world. A new interesting experience for experienced as well as inexperienced divers.

The dive itself is carried out by a predetermined route, which is limited to a max. Depth of around 17m and takes about 45 minutes. The sculptures were made of ph-neutral concrete, which is particularly suitable for the settlement of marine life. The various groups of sculptures depicted each tell their own story and also act as symbols for socially critical topics. The briefing explains the individual stations, the museum, their meaning and the artist's intentions.

It is strictly forbidden to touch the figures to avoid damage and interference with the underwater world. Shortly after the opening, the cultures were covered with various algae and worms.

The settlement of various types of fish such as goat bream, mackerel, sardines, barracuda, trigger fish, angel sharks ... progressed quickly.

The Museo Atlantico offers a lot of marine life and is a new, unique and varied experience for the whole diving family, from beginners to advanced, for photographers and holiday divers.

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  • 12 Years old

  • Fill out our Medical Questionnaire 

  • Bathing Suit

  • Towel



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Divers with a license can visit the Museum in a morning, we'll usually do 2 dives, one on a nearby reef and one in the museum itself.

Beginners are required to conduct 2 dives with us elsewhere before visiting the museum, after practising some essentials skills we're on our way to the museum!

2 dives for certified divers - 125.00e

3 dives for beginners - 215.00e

*prices include boat and entre fee to the museum

Beginners must do 2 dives with us at a different location before visiting the museum. After practicing some important skills, we're on our way to the museum!


. 2 dives for certified divers - 125.00e.

3 dives for beginners - 215.00e.

* The prices include the boat and entrance fee to the museum

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