Northeast coast

Playa jablillo - Costa Teguise

Playa del Jablillo

Jabillo Beach is an artificially protected bay, safe and calm. Ideal for snorkeling or for beginners. The underwater world is rich in species and diverse, as there are many groups of gold stripes, goat bream, band bream, the typical neon reef perch, exotic and colorful sea peacocks, spider crabs, hair butts and stingrays in this area.

Charco Del Palo

This dive is a sensible alternative in the case of heavy seas from the south-west. It is particularly attractive because of its purely volcanic rocky landscapes with white sand patches. Here we can see a variety of different Canarian ecosystems in a very small space. A dense algae lawn grows on the rocks in the shallow water. The Diadem sea urchin has created an extensive white zone from a depth of 10 m. In addition, the rocks form small cliffs and caves before they disappear into the sandy underground. Below about 40 - 50 m depth, forests of black coral only reachable for experienced divers.

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Rabat shipwreck - Arrecife Lanzarote


The name of the fishing boat already indicates the planned direction of travel, towards the African coast. After the fisheries agreement between the Canaries and Morocco broke and the loss of fishing on the Sahara banks resulted in many boats being sunk off the coast of Lanzarote. This is one of you, but it has not sunk deeply. An error in the detonation meant that it had to be brought to the coast where it was left within the reach of recreational divers. It is an old purse seine fisherman about 35 m long. It has found its peace today at a depth of 35 m. Lying on the side next to a rock edge, its screw is in excellent condition

La Marina

Lanzarote's capital has a very attractive coast. The extensive reef is decorated with many man-made bridges and bridges. This rock barrier, which was very dangerous for shipping many years ago, is now the city's defensive wall, the name of which it bears: Arrecife (coral reef).
This area is unique in the Canary Islands, partly because of its beautiful landscape and partly because of the diversity of its inhabitants. “La Marin” is home to species that cannot be found anywhere else in the Canary Islands, such as the seaweed “Zoestra noltii” and various invertebrates. This area is therefore of extreme biological and scientific importance.

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