•  If you are experiencing any of the symptoms related to COVID-19, we ask that you should not visit the dive center.

  • Only necessary personnel can enter, always following safety measures and maintaining social distance.

  • The use of masks is compulsory during theoretical instruction, movement inside the dive center and during transportation.

  • All the necessary forms (for the courses/try-dives) can be sent by email or can be downloaded below - in any case, they should be completed before coming to the diving center. This prevents the need for us to be inside the dive center, however an outside desk is available to complete any further paperwork/examinations.

  • It is preferred that payments are made by card, bank transfer, or similar.

  • Hydro-alcoholic gel is available, both at the entrance to the diving center and in our vans. 

  • Both the diving center and the vans will be cleaned daily with specific viricidal products.

  • The surfaces most used by customers (tables, chairs, etc.) are disinfected after each use. 


  • The diving center will provide a new, closed mouthpiece to each student at the beginning any diving course.

  • Regulator mouthpieces will be personal: each student will open and place their own mouthpiece on the regulator to be used during the course. Once the course is finished, it will be withdrawn and discarded.

  • Regulators (second stage) will be disinfected before and after each use with specific solutions for this purpose; The regulators will be numbered and each student will be responsible for not exchanging their regulator with another diver.

  • The masks will be disinfected with solutions made for that purpose, before and after each use; The masks are numbered and each student will be responsible for not exchanging their mask with another diver.

  • Wetsuits will be individually cleaned with specific virulent products before each use; They will be numbered and the students must always use the same costume during the course.

  • To avoid mixing the diving equipment, the diving center staff will give the student a numbered transport bag at the beginning of the course. In this bag you will find all the necessary material for the course. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that their material is stored in said bag at the end of the diving day.

  • At the end of each course, the material will be sanitized only by the staff of the diving center

Downloads before your visit

Declaration of conformity

Medical, risk & liability

(trial diving)

Prevention and Good Practice Guide (please read)

Medical, risk & liability (certified divers)

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