Aquatis Diving Lanzarote - RAY

The meeting point for our daily diving excursions is 8.30am at our diving center. At 9:00 a.m. we make our way to the dive site and are back after 2 dives around 2:00 p.m. So after the diving trip there is still enough time for joint activities with family, partner or friends. For late risers or frequent divers we also offer an afternoon dive at 3 p.m.

Almost all dives in Lanzarote take place from land. Nevertheless, we can also organize boat dives to reefs further away or wreck diving sites. In addition, we offer both night dives and dives at sunrise ("early morning dive").

Aquatis Diving Lanzarote - Cuttlefish
Aquatis Diving Lanzarote - Angel shark

When choosing a dive site, we follow your preferences and wishes instead of following a fixed weekly schedule. Since security is very important to us, we must of course also take the current weather conditions into account when planning.

All dives are led by our professional and well-trained staff, our top priority is always your safety and a nice diving experience. The grouping takes place before each dive according to the level and experience of all divers. Our international team is at your side in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.

Aquatis Diving Lanzarote - Seahorse
Aquatis Diving Lanzarote - Moray Eel

The unique underwater world of Lanzarote captivates with a huge variety of species. Which species you encounter depends on the dive site as well as the depth and season. For example, angel sharks and nudibranchs prefer colder water and are more likely to be found in the winter months from November to May.

All photo credits to Maximilian Adolf :)

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