Playa Blanca

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Las Coloradas

In the huge sandy desert there is a rock barrier with an overhang that holds its own world. Stingrays, Macaronesian groupers, yellowfin mackerel, moray eels, red pork wrasse, leg anemones, cleaner shrimp, Triton snails and octopuses are just a few of the species that we can find under the overhang. This simple dive and the safety that goes with it is one of the reasons why the Canary Islands have come to be called the “islands of the blessed”.

Playa Flamingo

Due to the large and diverse schools of fish that can be found here and because of its low level of difficulty, this dive inspires us. Zone The water in this area is particularly clear almost all year round. Outside the breakwater we can see whole schools of yellowfin grunts, barracudas, gold welts, yellow welts, marble bream, ear fish, sardines and tuna swimming along the coast. The white sand serves as a hiding place for electric rays, angel sharks and butterfly rays. We should therefore not fail to search it for its silhouette

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Punta Berrugo

Diving here is like a treasure hunt. The dive runs along the edge that has formed between the rock and the sandy bottom. In the artistic rock formation there are many niches in which the search for small cave dwellers is very promising. There are also remains of an old wreck that has almost been completely destroyed by the sea.

Punta Berrugo Diving Lanzarote
Papagayo beach - Aquatis Diving Lanzarote


Turquoise water, golden sand, calm sea, sun and a sheltered bay; This place has everything to plunge into the water, take a look beneath the surface of the water, whether you're a beginner or an expert. The underwater landscape at Papagayo is just as spectacular as on land. Sea life arouses curiosity to observe the behavior of each of these marine animals, such as the restless sea peacocks, the colored parrot fish and the strange ghost crabs.

Atlantic Museum

Museo Atlantico

Off the coast of Playa Blancas is the Underwater Sculpture Museum, called Museo Atlántico, which is only accessible to divers by boat. The museum is now known not only for its sculptures, but also for its diverse underwater world. A new interesting experience for experienced as well as inexperienced divers.

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