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Veril De Playa Chica

Playa Chica is ideal for all types of diving, the flatter areas are perfect for the safety stop of the advanced, who make their way to the numerous spectacular dives that can be selected from this unique point. Caves, underwater cliffs, volcanic tubes, deep-sea corals, sharks, even unexpected encounters with whales are possible in Playa Chica. We are on one of the hottest spots for divers in Lanzarote.

Agujero Azul

We usually start this dive from land. From the mole stairs in Playa Chica you move through the always fish-rich shallow water. You continue to dive over the large underwater dunes, through the field of garden eels to the entrance of the “Blue Hole”, a small tunnel with a short course but great attraction, since it starts in the sand and opens into the open water. In the reef wall there are several caves and interesting niches in which you can look for underwater inhabitants. You can find everything from whole schools of dance shrimp to a small orange coral and many typical fish. Since we can encounter a lot of deep-sea fish here, you should never lose sight of the deep blue.

Blue Hole Puerto del Carmen - Lanzarote North Coast - Aquatis Diving Lanzarote
Playa Chica North Coast - Aquatis Diving Lanzarote

La Catedral

This is one of the most popular diving spots in Lanzarote, probably because the “cathedral”, a huge cathedral-like cave, is home to the most famous animal on the island; a huge grouper that the divers have lovingly dubbed Felix. The dive is comfortable and has everything to offer. There are steep walls where you can search for hidden life, huge sand banks where the stingrays and angel sharks can be found, various caves with all kinds of fauna and also a small wreck that we can take a closer look at if we are interested

Veril De Fariones

If this underwater cliff stands out from the others in Playa Grande, it is because of its depth and the height of its reef walls. In addition, the rocks next to the small mole look like a real aquarium, ideal for snorkeling and for a safety stop. The whole reef of Puerto del Carmen is a perfect place to watch the “giants” passing by on their journey in the wet element, such as tunas, bonitos, amberjacks or wahoos. Many great diving dreams have come true on this reef; Encounters with devil rays, dolphins, turtles or giant rut whales. Will you be one of the lucky ones too?

Fariones Reef - Aquatis Diving Lanzarote
Waikiki divesite Aquatis Diving Lanzarote


The exotic name of the dive site promises a lot. Under water, at a shallow depth, we move between densely overgrown and inhabited rocks. The light reflex play between the sun's rays and the sandy bottom makes this place appear tropical. As a rule, this place is only used by snorkelers or divers for a safety stop, since the deeper Rifffelswand, which is very close by, has more to offer.

Richie's Place

Gigantic walls that lead into the depths, impressive rock fragments, huge pointed rocks, caves, underwater gorges, - sand banks, rock arches; all of this forms a fantastic underwater landscape adorned with a thousand life forms. This landscape is the attraction of this dive site due to its great diversity. The crevices and niches in the reef house two orange corals and a small cave in which dance shrimp hide. There is also a large variety of other living things to watch

Richies Place- Aquatis Diving Lanzarote
ship wreck diving lanzarote

Pecios Del Barranco Del Quiquire

These three wooden fishing boats were built at the beginning of the last century with the firm belief that they would defy the ocean and snatch its fish. Paradoxically, they now spend their days on the ocean floor as a home for their desired prey. The two boats in the shallower water are practically intact. The lower part shows frames that protrude from the keel, like ribs from a spine, and offers a ghostly sight.

Pecios de Puerto del Carmen

This is a recommended diving excursion for wreck lovers. You can visit up to six sunken ships in one dive. Curiously, the ships lying in the shallow water are best preserved; one of them even looks out from under the breakwater of the breakwater and offers an unusual panorama. The remains of the ship offer a completely different landscape compared to the other dives on the island, which is why this place is in great demand among divers who are visiting Lanzarote for the first time.

shipwreck scuba diving
diving playa chica in lanzarote

Cueva de las Gambas

There are many places on the reef wall of Playa Chica that are worth visiting. One of them is the King Prawn Cave. At the foot of the reef wall, at a depth of about 40 m, we find whole shoals of prawns in the cave, commonly known as “Gambas”. The groupers lurk in the dark ambush and do not hesitate for a second to pounce on them when the “gambas” are visible through our lamps. The caves in the reef wall of Playa Chica are so unique and of such great importance that they were included in the ecological association Red Natura 2000 as a special protection area.

El Muellito y la Playa

The area around El Muellito and the breakwaters of Playa Chica is a magical area. Here you can enjoy various dives during the day, as well as night dives. It is the perfect place to watch the flora and fauna change after sunset. The area is rather flat and particularly suitable for snorkelers, trial divers or for the first dives on a diving course in the sea. Experienced divers enjoy the safety stop after excursions from a greater depth.

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